Lace-Up Trend

@anntaylor lace-up tunic. #streetstyle

Ahhh, the 70’s. I don’t remember too much of anything during my first five years of the decade but apparently the lace-up trend was a huge hit then as it is now. If you follow me on Instagram you no […]

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Spring Vibes

Spring vibes with @thelimited!

This past weekend we got yet another teaser of spring weather. Not only is the warm weather a constant yearn but the fact that all the shops are literally stocked with all things spring brings me to today’s theme.

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Winter Neutrals

Strolling in winter neutrals and @hunterboots.

If you’re not careful, wearing neutrals can be a little boring and make you look drab. That was obviously not my intention when I put this outfit together. Piling a light color in different shades works really well especially when you add a bold color, in this case the boots, which makes the entire outfit pop.

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