Preppy Gingham

A little prep and a little gingham in my step with @vineyardvines & @talbotsofficial

Anybody else love gingham? Man, how I love this print! I’m not sure if it’s me but it seems like this print has made an early entrance this year. I see it everywhere and in many different outfit pieces. From tops, to bottoms to shoes and bags!

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Crinkle Peplum

@loft crink peplum top

Perhaps my number one reason for welcoming the warm weather besides the beautiful flowers that pop up is the fact that I can put on an outfit at a moment’s notice and not have to worry about layering!

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Casual Pastels

I’ve decided to officially say farewell to winter! It isn’t spring just yet, although you wouldn’t know it by these pics. The fact is that Punxutawney Phil predicted a very short period of winter left and we’re promised 60+ degree weather this week so I’m ditching the coats and boots!

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