Beneath The Breakers Tour

The Breakers Mansion, a Vanderbilt summer home, Newport, RI.

I’m a lover of all things vintage, historical and especially grandiose architecture that dates back to a forgotten era. I couldn’t wait to see The Breakers again since it’s been a few years since my last visit. But this time the visit would be just a little different from what you would normally see at the most epic of all summer cottages in Newport!

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Kitchen Must-Haves

Kitchen essentials and must haves!

A list of some of my absolute kitchen must haves. Some of which I’ve already invested on and some still to get. Whether for the kitchen lover, for the kitchen remodeler or for that ‘hard to get something’ someone!

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A Little Eclectic

Some would say that “variety is the spice of life…” -William Cowper (1785) Although not a serial collector by any means, when it comes to home decorating I do enjoy a little mix of this and a little mix of […]

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