Casual Pastels

I’ve decided to officially say farewell to winter! It isn’t spring just yet, although you wouldn’t know it by these pics. The fact is that Punxutawney Phil predicted a very short period of winter left and we’re promised 60+ degree weather this week so I’m ditching the coats and boots!

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Spring Vibes

Spring vibes with @thelimited!

This past weekend we got yet another teaser of spring weather. Not only is the warm weather a constant yearn but the fact that all the shops are literally stocked with all things spring brings me to today’s theme.

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The Trench

Spring vines with @charmingcharlie

I think it’s safe to say I’m legit obsessed with pink! Maybe it’s due to Pantone for choosing pink as one of the year’s color or maybe I’m desperately seeking spring but pink has become my new black.

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