A Late Summer Wedding Outfit

Wearing a @lillypulitzer t-shirt dress for a late summer wedding.

What to wear for a late summer day wedding.I was recently invited to a late summer wedding when it dawned on me I wasn’t sure what to wear. I had a couple of outfit options in my mind when the day before the wedding I received my first Lilly Pulitzer delivery from the #afterpartysale. My dilemma was solved. 

I can’t stress enough how shopping the Lilly sale is such a great idea! Yes there is always a HUGE virtual wait but it’s sooo worth it! This dress was one of my picks from the sale and since I got it in time for the wedding I decided to wear it instead of the usual florals or the LBD.

I don’t remember seeing this version of the dress at the time because I think it would’ve been better with short sleeves. It was a hot and humid late summer day and the dress material was the perfect choice although this one is an even nicer option. Who would’ve thought a t-shirt dress can be stylish enough for formal affairs!

A late summer day wedding outfit. @lillypulitzer t-shirt dress.How to dress comfortable for a late summer day wedding.How to dress comfortable for a late summer day wedding. T-shirt dress @lillypulitzerRosa Diana wearing @toryburch pumps for a comfy late summer day wedding style.A comfy @lillypulitzer t-shirt dress for a late summer day wedding.How to dress comfortably for a late summer wedding. T-shirt dress @lillypulitzerDress, similar, another great option | Pumps (sold out), similar | Bag | Cuff 

If you’re like me chances are you want to dress nice but comfortable especially for occasions such as a wedding when it can be a looooong event. In keeping with my comfort level I decided to veer off from my usual stilettos and instead opted for these fabulous Tory Burch pumps. My daughter thinks they look like granny shoes but I’m totally ok with that. These days you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. The options for pumps and ballet flats are endless and these were perfect for the event.

Happy fall everyone and have a great week ahead!

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  • Isabel

    Such a pretty dress. I would’ve never thought it was a t-shirt dress until you mentioned it. Lilly really does a nice job with their dresses. Great look!

  • Great dress!