Dermae Beauty Review

Beauty care with @dermae activated charcoal products.

@dermae skincare review. #charcoalI must admit one of the perks of being a beauty blogger is being able to sample new skincare and beauty products. The cons about it is that sometimes the product doesn’t necessarily match my needs. Today I’m happy to share my review of Derma·e.@dermae skincare, activated with #charcoalCharcoal is the new black! Have you noticed the latest skincare trend? It’s not really new but it’s all the rave right now, and for good reasons. Used for centuries for flushing out toxins and heavy metals from the body, Activated Charcoal is becoming increasingly known for its ability to detoxify the skin too. It is also known for its anti-bacterial properties helping to clear blemishes and breakouts. @dermae beauty skincare with activated charcoal.The Youth Serum, Purifying Oil-free Moisturizer and the Hydrating Serum are all super light lotions that do not leave a greasy feel when applied and no fragrance at all. I tend to have terribly dry skin during the winter months but the moment I applied these to my face they are immediately absorbed and feels so good!

The Hydrating Night Cream should be used at night only. The cream is definitely heavier since it delivers a high quantity of hydration, perfect for those of us with dry skin! Once applied it takes a few minutes for your skin to adjust to the extra layer of hydration. It is the only product so far with a wonder fragrance. I love things that smell great and at night the soft scent helps me relax thus allowing me to have better rest. Your hydrated skin will thank you in the morning.

Not pictured is the Purifying Gel Cleanser with Activating Charcoal (I forgot it was in the shower). The cleanser has a black runny gel-like consistency that quickly lathers when you add water. I use this every single day and I love it! It contains no fragrance and it leaves my face feeling super clean without the dryness. Make sure you keep your eyes closed!

The Firming Eye Lift goes on smoothly and without any residue. It too delivers good hydration and doesn’t interfere with my concealer. The Skin, Hair & Nail oil is great on hands and cuticles to help prevent dryness or hangnails and is a great remedy for split ends.

Lastly, the Derma·e Charcoal Mask is a great in-between facials treatment. I love cleansing with masks and this one is fantastic! It’s a great way to purge pores of toxins (especially if you wear daily makeup like I do) and it also exfoliates which help remove micropollutants for a glowing skin.

I love that all of Derma·e products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, GMO-free and Eco ethical. Products that promote healthier looking skin and has business ethics that promote a healthier world is a win win! I’m super impressed with this line and I highly recommend it. The packaging is lovely and the sizes are also great for travel!

This is a sponsored post by Derma·e. All views are strictly my own.


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