Lounging in the New Year

@target coffee mug

Hello friends! Were you able to catch the Lilly Pulitzer after party sale today? It runs through tomorrow for only 29ish hours! I went online early this morning and had to wait on the virtual line for a little over an hour. Crazy?, maybe, but not when you can get some seriously good stuff on a huge discount, totally worth my time!@targetstyle pjs@target coffee mug.@targetstyle pjs & slipperspuppy love!PJ top | PJ bottom | Slippers | Mug 

In other news, I recently went on a little Target haul for undies and pjs. Is it just me or does anyone else do this every six months or so? I make sure to purge my lingerie drawer about every 6-9 months and that includes pjs. This time I skipped visiting Victoria’s Secret, although I’ll go later for my bras, and did my shopping at Target.

I found these awesome pjs, although they look more like loungewear if you ask me, and they’re super soft and comfy, perfect for lounging around the house. The pieces come in two colors, dove white and the other is a charcoal so I grabbed both. Also the cute sequins slippers are on clearance so they came home with me since I’m in need of a new pair until I get my UGG pair in the mail. Nothing like comfort!

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