Winter DIY | Sugared Fruit Centerpieces

How to make sugared fruit centerpieces!

Welcome back friends! Today’s post is all about sugar, sparkle and fun! Sugared fruits are popular during the holiday season perhaps because of the way lighting allows the fruit to look like sparkling snow. When arranged beautifully on a pedestal, bowl or a large serving platter they look amazing!How to create fabulous sugared fruit centerpieces!image sourceHow to create sugared fruit centerpieces!image source
How to make sugared fruit centerpieces!image sourceHow to make fabulous sugared fruit centerpieces! image sourceHow to make sugared fruit centerpieces.

image source How to make fantastic sugared fruit centerpieces!image source

Sugared fruits are also very popular in the spring when displayed at weddings either on cakes or as centerpieces although not so much in the summer where humidity can easily ruin the art. With a little patience and lots of sugar you’ll have a fantastic display in no time.How to make sugared fruit centerpieces!image source 

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to create your own sugared fruit display. And if you happen to have a little one around the house allow them to help out, they’ll love it! 

 I hope you get a chance to make this fabulous fruit decorating idea. Sugared fruits, it’s a good thing!


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