June Beauty Finds I’m Loving

@pixibypetra beauty finds

Today I’m sharing my latest beauty finds worth noting. I’m always looking out for new and exciting products to try. Although I tend to stick to some old faves, trying out new ones is lots of fun.@pixibypetra beauty finds.

Pixi by Petra is a super fun cosmetics line that I’ve recently been introduced to, first seen here. I absolutely love their packaging, and best of all you can get your hands on these beauty products locally at your nearest Target store!

First item on the list is the Lash Nourish Makeup Remover Pads. Easy and convenient! Removing eye makeup is done simply with these little wipes. I can’t say enough about them other than the fact that it’s perfect for travel as well!

The Glow Tonic To-Go exfoliating pads are amazing! They smell wonderful and your face feels awesome after gently wiping your face with these. Again, a super easy and convenient way to include some necessary treatment into your daily makeup routine.

If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes then the Pixi by Petra Eye Zone Brightner will be your new BFF. It does exactly what it’s named for leaving your eye area nice and bright and ready for makeup.

My favorite item on this set is by far the Nourishing Lip Polish. It’s such a great little item. The tip of the tube has tiny stiff brushes that when you glide over your lips it gently scrapes them leaving them super soft and plump. Another simple way to exfoliate lips while adding nourishing shine.

This set couldn’t have come at a better time since I’ll be traveling over the weekend for the Newport Flower Show. They will make for great treatments while away from home!


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