The Swimsuit Issue

Is it Memorial Day weekend or is it really February? Too early to start looking at swimsuits? I don’t think so, and if you’re thinking of jetting off somewhere warm then you’re in luck! Target has launched their fabulous #swimTarget2016 collection of swimwear ready for your choosing and you’re not gonna be disappointed! @target swimwear 2016, #nofomo@targetstyle swimwear 2016, one piece #nofomo@target 2016 swimwear collection. #nofomo#nofomo with @target 2016 swimwear

The dreaded bathing suit season will soon be upon us and if you’re anything like me you’re probably cringing about the idea of baring it again for another season. Trying to recoup post holiday binges and/or pale skin is no small task for any of us to tackle! But here’s my deal, a big, curvy bottom. Not my greatest asset (no pun intended) but none the less it’s mine, it’s there and it’s not going away.

The hips birthed the four babes, the breasts fed them all and the booty, well it’s where the pasta goes. It’s taken me years to embrace the robust nature of my body and I think I’ve finally accepted it’s latina roots. The fact that I’m crouching on 50 also means that I have #nofomo, in other words, NO FEAR OF MISSING OUT on anything! The moment I accepted that I would work towards working on the best version of myself and own it, that became the moment I stopped worrying about shallow things like whether or not I looked good in a swimsuit.

Not only is it healthy for me to stay positive but I also happen to have the most inquisitive and loving little mini-me that is vehemently watching my every step! I have to be the kind of role model that embraces being imperfect, big booty and all while at the same time striving to be an all around better self. I want her to have the utmost confidence in who she is, mind and BODY.  So while the summer still holds motivation to get my rear in gear, my daughter is really the drive that sets my mindset towards being confident in my skin. 

@target swimwear collection 2016. #nofomo@target swimwear 2016, #nofomo@target 2016 swimwear collection. #nofomo@target swimwear 2016. #nofomoTarget One Piece Tropical Print | Target One Piece Black Mesh 

Whew, that was a mouthful, glad I got it out, now on to the suits! Part of feeling confident in a bathing suit has much to do with finding the right style, something most of us are a huge fail. This my friends is the reason I love Target’s fabulous options. I love the endless ways you can mix and match tops and bottoms, the budget friendly prices and how the latest prints and colors are dead on with age appropriate trends.

My choices for picking these suits were based on the colors I love most, black and white, one print and one solid with a little edge. Although I’m personally done with bikinis, the options available make me drool with envy for those of you that can pull them off and lest we not forget the fantastic collection available in plus sizes and maternity too! The one pieces are both versatile and offer the needed coverage without looking frumpy. Just add a couple accessories like a hat, a chic cover up or a trendy beach bag and you’re good to go!

I kept my look simple with minimal accessories in order to achieve a classy tone, and I dare to say Target helped me achieve exactly what I was aiming for. Take the #nofomo challenge and express your true summer you with #targetstyle. Let Target help find your stye!

This post was sponsored by Target. All views are strictly  my own.


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  • Isabel

    You are one brave woman! And kudos for your daughter being your inspiration and motivation. I loved both suits, I think the print is my favorite look.

  • Wow, that black and white suit looks amazing on you. It flatters every curve and I can’t imagine feeling anything but confident in it.

    Chic on the Cheap