Soft Surroundings Recap

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#softevents @softsurroundings CT@softsurroundings #softevents CTLast week I attended a fabulous event held at our local Soft Surroundings boutique with founder Robin Sheldon and makeup entrepreneur Jane Iredale of Jane Iredale Cosmetics. Any time I get a chance to meet beautiful inspiring women I jump at the opportunity! With so much to offer, these women are great examples of what it’s like to be living the dream. When passion meets desire and hard work the end result is always esteemed with satisfaction.@softsurroundings #softevents CTWalking into a room filled with vintage inspired home decor, gorgeous fashion trends and a fabulous makeup collection is every fashionista’s dream! If you haven’t had a chance to visit your local Soft Surroundings you don’t know what you’re missing.@softsurroundings CT #softeventsIf I could describe the overall decor theme I would say vintage French, magnifique! The beautiful clothing line is incredibly versatile and chic and the makeup collection from Jane Iredale is simply amazing! Did you know she was the first to develop natural minerals makeup! @softsurroundings CT via Lady Diana's Pearls@softsurroundings #softevents CT@softsurroundings #softevents CTYes, and they even have a little something for the furry love in your life! I can totally see my Coco in this, such the little princess pooch that she is.@softsurroundings petsAnd of course no party is ever complete without a nice assortment of treats!#softevents CT@softsurroundings CT #softeventsSoft Surroundings is my new go-to spot for fashion and home decor. Visit your local store or shop online. Jane Iredale Cosmetics is my newest addition to my beauty routine. Shop for more cosmetics via Soft Surroundings or online

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