Trunk It Up!

I love to decorate with period pieces. And more often than not, I come across an object that I absolutely fall in love with but can’t figure out what to do with it. Does that ever happen to you? With anything? Then to find out later exactly what I would’ve done with it! And I regret not purchasing the item! This happened to me recently. 


Which brings us to today’s topic; trunks. I’m talking about refurbishing a vintage find, as in a trunk, with a clever home decorating idea. And since spring is a popular time of year to reorganize and rearrange your interior decor, why not do it with a fantastic vintage item? It’s a great way to jazz up or replace a boring side table, coffee table or even a bar cart! And it obviously works as double duty since you get the extra storage space for other things. I only wish I had thought about this idea when I passed on that fabulous trunk!

trunk4 trunk1 trunk3trunk8 trunk5 trunk6 trunk7 trunk2

So what do you think of these ideas for refurbishing an old trunk? If you happen to have one stored away somewhere, bring it out, dust it off and showcase it! And the next time you’re thinking about passing up on an item, don’t be so quick to brush it off like I did. If you fell in love with it, chances are you’ll find a spot for it! Otherwise you may end up regretting it later…

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