True Blue

Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors. From deep bold hues to the soft and comforting baby blues. It is one of few colors I use year-long. I find that it is a very easy color to wear and coordinate. It can be playful one minute and totally formal the next, as in the dress I’m featuring today.

photo (39)

I chose to wear blue for a recent evening wedding. This sheath dress was a great choice for the occasion and the hue was nothing short of perfect! Sometimes we tend to fuss about what to wear for a particular event especially formal ones. In this case, I knew I didn’t want to wear another “little black dress.” I’m really getting tired of that… Aside from the bride, my guess was that about  95% of the ladies wore black! Instead, I opted for this beautiful color and boy was I glad I did! I was able to stand out with my color palette and not get lost in the whole black arena. Every once in a while it feels nice to know that all eyes are on you. And that is one darn good reason we should not be shy to try new color schemes. Play with new tones and step out of the box, if you will.

In case you’re wondering why I’m posting these “selfies” it’s because my husband is probably one of the worst picture takers. Hmmm, a topic to perhaps blog about… After going over all the shots he took, I came up with just two, nice enough to put up, (the last ones) and they weren’t even clear! My mom always says that when in trivial situations one must take charge, and so I did, hope you guys don’t mind. I strutted my behind to the lady’s room, which was actually quite pretty and took these quick shots, thankfully no photo bombs! I don’t think I did too bad. 

I wore the dress with a lovely lavender necklace which at the moment seems to be my go-to accessory. The gold clutch was a fun piece to carry along and the gorgeous deep pink shoes were the perfect coupling! A great outfit with color blocking technique!

Image (6)

Image (7)

photo_2 (14)

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photo (41)

(Dress, J. Crew / Necklace, Benevolent Jewels / Clutch, Coach, sold out, similar / Shoes, Michael Kors)

So, what do you think?  I’d love to know your thoughts on the outfit. And if you have a great event coming up and you’re not sure what to wear,  take a look at this, this, or this as inspirations for your next party wear.

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