The Obsession with Hunter

There are certain times of the year that calls for proper footwear. There are no and’s, if’s or buts about it! There exists, how ever, certain items you can wear no matter what the season. Which brings me to the topic at hand; the obsession with Hunter Boots!

hunter boots

Personally, I LOVE them. For starters, they are practical, be it rain or snow. They are incredibly chic and they represent a certain style, if you will. I find that they are typically worn by preps of all ages. These sturdy rubber huggers come in a variety of colors that are pleasant to the eye as well as a fabulous selection of styles to complement the individual. You can pair your Hunters with “Wellies” which are basically very long thick socks that when you put them on they go up and over the top of your boot. These are a neat idea that not only create warmth but adds a touch of cuteness depending on the look your going for. And you can also purchase Shearling Insoles to pamper your feet when the temperature drops.

hunter boots

Needless to say these beauties don’t come cheap. The old adage comes to mind, “you get what you pay for”. I love my pair of Hunters and I happen to wear them a lot.

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