His and Hers

I got to thinking early today. Thinking about what to wear to work. It’s a familiar thought that everyone contemplates pretty much everyday. Some people plan their outfits over the weekend, others plan the night before. And then you have those, like me, that fidget all morning trying to figure out what to wear last minute!

I didn’t have too bad of a time putting something together today. But as I grabbed my trench coat on the way out I suddenly realized I needed a scarf. I looked around for one but none was appealing to me. I don’t understand how that happens. I bought them, I liked them when I brought them home and I’ve used most of them over and over. But today it was different. I didn’t “like” any of them.

So, as I balanced my large bag in one arm with hot coffee in the other and the coat on my shoulder I saw to my delight my husband’s lonely scarf hanging from the coat rack! There it was, stylishly warm and inviting. I took it from the hook, gently wrapped it around my neck and out the door I went. It not  only looked fabulous on me but it also offered me a little extra; the scent of him.

photo (6)
Ralph Lauren scarf for men.

Sometimes you can borrow from him. This is probably one of the most amazing things a woman can do. She can wear men’s clothing and make it look very chic. Do yourself a favor, take a closer look at his side of the closet and see what you can borrow!

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