Great Designer Looks for Less!

We’ve all been there. The moment you see a great outfit in your favorite magazine or a commercial from one of your favorite stores and you run out to purchase it. You arrive and nearly knock the other customer over while reaching for the item. You wait in line, because of course you decided to shop Saturday afternoon when everyone else is doing the exact same thing and you finally reach the register. Inevitably you realize what the price tag dictates… you can fill in the rest.

I’m no penny-pincher, by any means, but I do like a bargain when I find one. In this article I’m going to give you examples of “high end” and “lower end” outfits. One from a designer store and the other from a more economical establishment. We will go over style, look, feel, quality, fit and of course price.

When I find something cute enough for me to want to buy it but not cute enough for me to pay the high price, I simply shop online comparing styles and prices and see if I can find similar items to create the look for less. It doesn’t mean you’re going to spend hours on end browsing, it’s not that serious, and if you’re anything like me, you already know what you want, you already know what you like and you don’t have to compromise.

v ribbed sweater                 IMG_0276

On the left we have an outfit by J. Crew. The “V” Ribbed Sweater, $128, Minnie Pant in Medallion Print, $110. I loved this outfit the moment I saw it but I was able to recreate a similar look for a lot less and with items that I already had in my closet. Merona for Target Classic Ankle Pant, $8.38 on clearance! Gap Merino Crew pullover sweater and Pearl Twisted Necklace by J. Crew already had.

IMG_0269          IMG_0274

I love Fair Isle sweaters and this one by J. Crew is so beautiful but I was not in love with the price of $148!  Even though I didn’t put together the exact look, I was able to create my own look with pieces I already had. I just used the inspiration. The little French Hen sweater by J. Crew, Chambray boyfriend Shirt by GAP and Banana Republic Ankle Cut pants, all items I already had. The Eaton Boy trouser is priced at $148. And the ever popular Calf Hair Leopard Print pumps of the season, J. Crew’s tag, a whopping $350, my Merona for Target Version, $29.99 full price!

IMG_0268 - Copy - Copy - Copy         IMG_0275

Now this was a fun outfit to put together! I love the various prints and yet they compliment each other very nicely without being too busy on the eye. J. Crew’s version features Matchstick Cord at $89.50, Merino Fair Isle sweater for $98 and Crinkle Boy Shirt in Check,  $89.50. My version features, Merona for Target Hounds-Tooth Sweater I found and purchased at $24.99 full price, Check Boyfriend shirt from GAP and Banana Republic Classic Ankle pant I already had.

IMG_0270             IMG_0277

Lastly, this pretty winter white outfit that caught my eye. The ONLY kind of white you wear over the winter months.  J. Crew’s version features the Cambridge Turtleneck at $98, Matchstick Cord, $89.50 and Cashmere Rib Trim Scarf, $158! My version, Chunky Cable Merona for Target sweater, $24.99 full price and Merona for Target Ankle Classic Pants, $27.99 full price. The Rabbit Hair scarf by Express and the Scarlet suede Stilettos by Sam & Libby, I already had.

The next time you come across a to-die-for outfit, consider these two options: pay for the item at it’s current price and enjoy it or sift through the items you already have and buy the pieces you need to complete the look you are going for. You may end up purchasing an item or two from the designer store but perhaps not the entire outfit, thus saving yourself some money in the process.

Happy shopping! Feel free to share with me your thoughts and ideas!

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