Turtle Hair

Yay or nay? I’m not sure where this trend falls into but I’m kind of on the fence about it…

#turtlehair6 #turtlehair1 #turtlehair2 #turtlehair5 #turtlehair3 #turtlehair4 As is always the case, it all starts on the runways. Now it’s one of the top trends this winter season. The funny thing is that I’ve actually done this but never thought of it as cute, sexy or chic. I put on a turtleneck in a hurry and keep going not bothering to untuck the hair. Little did I know somewhere someone else was thinking this is so fab. But I’d still be careful not to look like you’re a hot mess and lest we not forget the static that it creates! 

What’s your take on the turtleneck-tucked-hair trend?


images via Pinterest.